Tiny Home Server

It’s been a long while since my last posting and a lot of things have happened. I’ve moved out to California, the East Bay area to be exact. Started a new job with a great new company, and have just been enjoying life. Now after all that, I’ve gotten the itch for a project to work on and I’ve always wanted to have a server at home.

Now you may ask, how can someone who calls himself a system administrator not have a server at home? Well I’ve had all the servers I could ever work on when I was at my university, but now I wanted something all my own. Something special, so I set out to build as small a server as I could. Small enough to fit on the shelf in the living room, since thats where the cable gateway is.

Besides that, I also wanted something that could support virtualization, but also not cost too much. My last hardware build was my desktop pc, another project where I set out to build something not super extravagant, but still special. Poking around, I found this cool mini ITX server board from Supermicro that supports a max of 64GB of ram! But trying to find 16GB SO-DIMM modules is kind hard, so I just went with 32GB.

To go along with that, I got two 1TB HGST 2.5inch disk, a 16GB SATADOM, and to wrap it all up, a Mini-ITX case. Not just any case, but this tiny thing, the M350 case with PicoPSU 80 power supply. Its great how tiny this thing is. Just in case, I added a 40mm PWM fan. The case doesn’t come with any mounting hardware, so I also got some rubber “screws” that hold it in nicely, though they do require some trimming. One issue is the case has a USB 2.0 header cable, and the motherboard only has a 3.0 header. There are adapters out there, but as I had no need for it, I left it out.

As for my plans for this sweet little thing? Well, you’ll have to check back later  🙂