Android App Review: Smartr

Smartr, as parent company Xobni describes it, “Make your address book smarter,” which it certainly does, though with a few caveats. First you have to give it access to your email and social networking, which today is something that is becoming very common(I love SwiftKey and it reads your email/texts/social networking to get a better understanding of your typing style). With the power of the “Cloud” (quotes and capital since its magic!) Smartr compiles all the people you’ve ever contacted, links names, emails, numbers, and social accounts into one contact listing. Nifty but you’ll end up with hundreds of contacts you probably don’t care about. That one off mailing list that had 50 emails in the To: field, that gets added.

Though for those you do contact a lot, it does some rather cool stuff. It will show an infographic(and what geek doesn’t love a good infographic?) of your “Relationship History” including a description of that relationship in plain English. Very nicely done, so points for that. Now considering this is an Android app, I wish there was a way to filter the contact list to those just on the phone. Within your contact list on Google, you have the “My Contacts” list, which for me is whats on my phone. I don’t necessarily need the hundreds of other emails I’ve ever sent to show up in my contacts. Also the interface itself is very sleek and nice, though sluggish when you edit a contact. Overall I like the idea of it, might keep it around for a while, but not sure if it would ever replace the standard contact list on Android.