CentOS: Eclipse and PyDev

I’ve usually just used a simple text editor like nano when writing python here and there, but I do like the visual aspect that a good IDE provides and though I’d give Eclipse + PyDev a try. Used yum to install eclipse and then added PyDev’s repo to eclipse to only then run into a problem when I tried to install PyDev. I got this long list of  “No repository found containing” messages. Searching the issue I did not find any useful answers as they were the usual, “Just start fresh,” or, “Don’t use the distribution version, always download from the web site,” kind of messages. Not helpful at all.

Luckily I found the following bug post and discovered the issue was with a missing package. Not really sure why it isn’t just installed be default but what is needed is the eclipse-pde package. That’s plugin development environment that is apparently needed to install other plugins, like PyDev. Once that was installed, I got PyDev installed and now I’m ready to go forth.


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