Review Self-described “street cred builder for bad-ass developers” Now I’m not a developer but I sure am a geek so I jumped on this when I first heard of it a few weeks ago when they launched their private beta. I would have to describe it like twitter for geeks and their adventures, of course with a slant for web developers.

You sign in with your Twitter account and you(at least now, it was a gradual roll out of features) have your profile page, cards, micros, and pings. Profile page is self-explanitory, put some links and some bio info. It will show your recent activities and your cards.

Cards are best described as major accomplishments you’ve achieved such as proclaiming you just built a site using node.js. You can also attach to cards other members as collaborators for that card as well as micros(more on that later). Other users watching the Discovery feed, which shows site wide activities, can then “high five” your card/micros.

Micros are like the twitter posts of They can be stand alone or attached to a card and again can be “high five” by users. Like tweets, they are more for proclaiming things in the now.

I haven’t used pings, but they look to be like the poke from facebook. Though since I haven’t tried it I could be wrong. So like their description goes, Its a fun way as a geek to say what you are working on to a crowd of geeks. Good work guys, I look forward to the future.


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