CentOS 6: NFS Locking Problem

Trying out CentOS 6 on our workstations and quite the number of growing pains. There are several issues I’ve run into, but today I’ll talk about this one:

lockd: cannot monitor nfs.server

For all intents and purposes everything is configured correctly and nothing wrong on the other clients, so it had to be something different in version 6. Checking the /var/log/messages, showed the reason:

Sep 13 16:39:11 workstation20 rpc.statd[1847]: No canonical hostname found for x.x.x.x
Sep 13 16:39:11 workstation20 rpc.statd[1847]: STAT_FAIL to workstation20 for SM_MON of x.x.x.x

So I added an entry to /etc/hosts for the nfs server and poof, problem solved. Though of course I have to ask why. Why did this happen? There is a bug posted, though going off of the version numbers I shouldn’t be having this problem. Oh well.


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