Firefox 6 bug: Disappearing Menus

Not to long ago I decided to take CentOS 6 for a spin. Its very nice and I like the improves over version 5. I had Firefox 6 working before, so I set that up, luckily on their servers is an existing 64bit version already compiled.

Though not longer after that I noticed after some usage, menus would disappear. I would right click to check spelling or to copy/paste, and even the drop down menu for the address bar would disappear as soon as I moved my mouse over it. It was starting to drive me crazy.

But as most things go, I wasn’t the only one and someone already posted and found a solution!

“Go to Edit->Preferences->Content->Advanced (next to ‘Enable JavaScript’)-> and now make sure ‘Disable or replace context menus’ is not selected.”

Now I can continue to browse in peace.


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