Customizing Android

The great thing about Android is widgets, and with the right stuff and some good artwork, you can make your phone just glow. Hell my boyfriend thought I bought a new phone.

Android Lock Screen

So there is the lock screen. I’m using AndroidLocker, a great app that allows you to build a customized lockscreen. On top of that I’m using Minimalist Text widget that I’ve setup so show some relevant information. Then using SMS Unread Count widget along with icons created by Simple Text to show missed calls, txts, and emails.

Android Home Screen

Next up is the home screen. Since my phone is the Samsung Vibrant with a SuperAMOLED screen, I went for a nice dark wallpaper which still had some color. Again using the Minimalist Text widget along with the Simple Calender Widget. Also using LauncherPro with a custom dock image, and a transparent icon so the words show through. Very clean, very modern, very nice.

Android Home Screen2

Next is the second home screen. I still need quick access to some apps and not have to hunt them down in the app tray. So using Desktop Visualizer, with an black and white icon pack I found I XDA, I setup some groups. Kinda still looks cluttered, so I might add a third home screen to split things up a bit. I really think three is the most anyone really needs. I’ve tried to use more but I end up only focusing on the three main ones. I guess I got into the habit since my first Android phone was the Samsung Behold II, and before you go boo on me, I really did enjoy that phone.

Android Home Screen2b

Anyways back to the apps, I used SiMi Folder to group my apps and display them nicely when clicking on those very artistic icons. Oh and getting the screenshots wasn’t very difficult. There are apps out there, but I like using the Android SDK tools to do it since I have to download them to the computer anyways. I’m not going to try doing a long post like this on my phone 😉 So go download the SDK and the drivers for you phone if you need them. Put the phone into debug mode, attach, and run “adb devices” It should show your device. Then run ddms and press Ctrl+S to start grabbing screens. They come out nice and big and high quality. Enjoy


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