Is college a waste of time?

That totally depends on how you value it. As of late, the idea that college is a waste has been making its rounds in the media and I leaves me depressed. I totally get the idea that in these economically hard times, can we afford to send a child to college and hope they recoup the investment. But I think that’s the wrong way to look at it.

If you are here to make money, then yes, maybe college isn’t the best place. Maybe its better for you elsewhere, but don’t knock it for the rest of us who come here to learn. I started off as a physics major then moved to mathematics. I love the subject and yes at times some of these proofs make me want to die, but I get an enjoyment out of it. Ultimately I’m probably going to get a job in the IT field. Why? Because I currently am the system administrator that runs a HPC cluster. Those skills will make me the money, but I just enjoy math.

People go to college for many reasons, money being one of them. The thing is, to really make it in this world, it takes skills. Skills can’t be taught, only earned through experience. The best way to get skills is to sit down and learn something, and hands on is included in that. And back to money, the really high paying jobs out there take both skill and knowledge, which definitely¬†means learning something.

So if you have a goal, then go for it. But once you reach it, don’t make blanket statements based on your singular experience. Everyone has different goals and they all have their own way of making it there.


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