Revisting Google Music

So today Apple unveiled details of their iCloud(how imaginative?) service. The gist of it is it’s a cloud storage space that integrates with their apps. So just like Google/Android syncs contacts/calendar/etc, so will iCloud. In regards to music, it is part of iTunes, so purchased music is stored automatically(like Amazon’s service) and gets pushed to your device(still a bit sketchy on what that means, stored on your device or just streaming?).

But since I abhor Apple’s iDevices, lets get back to Google Music. So I finally uploaded my music library, a few notches above two thousand songs. The process took a while because 1) its a lot to upload and 2) its rather slow(understandable), and 3) the music uploader app would crash out. I think that was just due to the large volume and probably a bug with timeout errors, but just a guess. So getting past that(it is beta and well I think we’ve gotten used to what that means, but is that a good thing?), I have my music up in the cloud. It works just like Amazon’s offering, though I only have my purchased music hosted by them.

So far the only thing going for Google Music is the interface and the Instant Mix feature. That is something I wish was more prevalent in music apps. Not just the simple random playing of my library, but to make a playlist based off of a choice in what I feel like hearing. My only qualms with it is its still a streaming service. Not everyone has a grandfathered plan that includes unlimited data, and even that doesn’t mean much then there is a throttling cap.

I have to add I foresee a fight, maybe even a war, between the likes of Google and maybe even Apple and the mobile networks over their crappy track record at providing fast and reliable data connections on the go. The state of broadband in this country is appalling. I hope to see a future of reliable and fast and big connections without caps, throttling, or traffic shaping of any kind.


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