Playing with Google Music Beta

So today my invite came for Google’s Music Beta service. so yay on that. I already buy music through Amazon and have used their cloud player to much success. Though I did get hit by the slow down caused by everyone buying Lady Gaga’s latest album. So I’m kinda bummed out that Google’s experience doesn’t include buying music too as a way to have an integrated experience.

So first off the interface on the Android app. Very nice and clean and dark. I have a Samsung Vibrant which has a SuperAMOLED screen, so I like dark themes. I also like how the interface fades in and out instead of simply popping from one screen to the next. Gives it the illusion of a fast fluid interface, which isn’t a bad thing. A GUI is graphical and thus its good to take advantage of illusion.

The web interface is also very nice and clean, what all websites should strive for. And its nice they included free music too. I’m at work and thus don’t have any music to upload, but I am running off of the wifi, so can’t say how 3g performance is just yet. Though when I clicked on a hosted song, it was very fast to start playing. Another cool interface thing is when playing a song and backing out to the list, it shows a two bar sound visualizer. Nice.

So thats about it. Its so far just a nice way to wireless sync music from home to your phone and also as way to have it accessible online. So it gets a thumb up but still has plenty of room to grow in.


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