Tablets: what are they good for?

So I’m a techie and just love reading and looking at new gadgets. So if course I have a custom built pc, a nice convertable tablet pc(yes I believe in pen input. It makes some much sense if you use it), and an Android smartphone.
So now I’m looking at these slate tablets, very different crime the tablet pcs I’ve used, a touch based input only. So my first thought is so I can’t take notes, whats the point? Watch movies? Well that’s one thought.
Lately I’ve found myself in bed using my phone how I used to use my laptop previously, simply browsing the web. Now I’m browsing, viewing videos, posting things online, and reading. All this on my phone’s four inch screen and I find myself wishing for more space. So now I know what a tablet is for. So now I want one and I want the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I think I’ll go for the smaller one.
PS: I wrote this on my Samsung Vibrant 😛


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