Rocks and 10gig hardware don’t mix

Well at least that was my current experience. I should mention I’m running Rocks 5.3, so just a point version behind. But here is the story:

A faculty member just recently purchased some dell blade servers for some research work. These blades and thus the chassis came with 10gig ethernet hardware. Cool. Setup the hardware, check. Plug in all the cables(but no 10gig since we don’t have 10gig hardware), check. Setup software, uh oh.

The problem happened when I booted the nodes to have the Rocks installer image them. They pxebooted just fine off of the first ethernet device(just a plain ol 1gig connection). Linux loaded, the installer runs, it tries to find an ip and fail. The installer was scanning eth0, eth2, then eth1. Turns out the kernel was numbering eth0-3 the 10gig nics and eth4 was the 1gig nic it should be using.

A few days on the mailing list to no avail. They just gave up on me, but I never give up. I narrowed it down a problem with the kickstart script overriding options I set in the pxeboot config. I added IPAPPEND 2 and ksdevice=bootif. This tells the system to use the same device it booted from. Well that wasn’t working. Not until I tell it to not run the kickstart script, by removing the ‘ks’ option, was it able to use eth4 as it should have been. But the mailing list failed me and offered no solution. Drivers! Bios! Update!! No no no! But whatev, just had to do it the hard way.

Back to the server room, removed the 10gig cards from the nodes, eth0 was now the 1gig nic, install os, reinstall hardware, and done. Luckily it was only two nodes, but still there should have been a software solution to fix this, but life goes on.


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