The Cloud: that internet thingy

the cloud

And just yesterday that buzz word came into academia with a presentation by one of the computing groups here at the university. So of course I had to go and see what it was about. Everyone one else were CS grad students and then little ol’ me. Short and mostly on point and then I got to leave before I fell asleep.

I don’t have an interest in the cloud. I manage a computing cluster and while in some regards thats similer to the concept of the cloud, its not something I see our current users thinking of as useful. But then maybe I’m just not being creative enough, but I don’t see someone booting up a virtual cluster in the cloud when all they want is some big machine on which to run their program. I think they rather have a web interface to run their program then have to go build a cluster(virtual or not).

And thats my job, to build and take care of that cluster. I see the cloud as something for IT and web stuff. Why host your own website when you could just put it up in the cloud? Saves money too since you don’t have to buy hardware. Me? I’d rather have my machine in front of me, so I guess I’m old school like that.

So as it stands, the cloud is cool and all that(when it works), but I don’t see much use of it in academia. Research into engineering networks and dealing with failures should interest those CS majors, but for those who just want to get things done, there is the cluster.


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