Android, for now…

Right now my phone is the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile. For anyone who doesn’t pay attention, its basically a variant of the Galaxy S. Its an Android phone, been running 2.1 for most of its life, just recently upgraded to 2.2, but this was after a major brouhaha erupted online and in the forums over the seemingly lack of support from Samsung and/or T-Mobile. Gasoline was put on the fire when word got out that T-Mobile would be releasing the Vibrant 4G(now its called the Galaxy S 4G, but really its the Vibrant with the front facing camera(that was on the original Galaxy S) and includes the 4G hardware). People really felt like we were being past over so they could boost sales of this new device. So we did get 2.2, but I think its just an appeasement. This thing is full of so many bugs, its almost worst then the original 2.1 firmware.

But thats where this post came from. Just today HP had a press event and showed off what their purchase of Palm has gotten them. Two very nice phones and a tablet, but sadly the death of the Palm brand. They were all branded HP. Looking at what webOS offers is just amazing out of the box. Sure without taking it home and using it for a few days, I can’t really say, but on the videos it just looks like butter. A warm tortilla with butter Mmmmmm. Now all it needs are developers, developers, developers! Because in this smartphone race, its all about apps.

Well its more then just that. It has to be able to do all that well. I watch the iPhone with disdain. I disagree philosophically with Apple and their closed ecosystem and draconian views of what owners, OWNERS, of the device are allowed to do. If I want to view XXX on my phone, I am damn well within my rights to do so πŸ™‚ But I still watch how the iPhone just works, but then I can point out it only ‘just works’ if you have the latest hardware.

I love Android for its openness, but I think Google’s laissez faire attitude to controlling the ecosystem is leading to some craziness. Updates are few and far between, or in some cases, never come. The turn over rate of the devices is crazy fast. You buy one device and before you know it a new one comes out with the next gen hardware and the newer version of Android, which kiss your lucky stars if you think you’ll see it any time soon on your current device. Also with my Vibrant, which I love, it still doesn’t have that ‘just works.’ I still find myself stumbling over some crap little bug in the system. They need to rein in some control and establish some rules. Their beta attitude has gone on a bit too much. I feel as if things would only slow down would Android become the stable and wonderful OS its meant to be.

Then there is webOS. Way back when the iPhone was just coming out(without apps if anyone remembers πŸ˜› ) there was Palm. I loved Palm. I think they had some great devices and before smartphones, they were the first and best at the PDA game. But I think their lack of resources and slowness killed webOS. That and using Spring. I mean come on! wtf! But now that they have been gobbled up by HP, they have their massive resources to bring forward here. And watching whats come out of todays press event shows it. Watching the Pre3 and TouchPad work, its just amazing. I really love the card system they have to multitasking. That is by definition of something that ‘Just Works.’

And so I finish this rant saying for now I’m tied to Android and T-Mobile(but I do love Tmo, greatest customer support ever), but I wait patiently for the day that I might jump to webOS. Oh and I didn’t even mention Windows Phone 7. Meh its nice but I don’t like the interface.


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