Setup your own wifi when using Uverse

I’m a Uverse subscriber and I do love the service. Having a single dvr for the whole house is a very nice feature. One thing that gets me though is I have my own D-Link wireless N router. My pc in the office is wireless, it would be too much of a hassle to run such long wires in my apartment. The thing is, when they set up the service for you, its expected you use their wifi, which is part of the ‘gateway.’

I used to work at the 2Wire call center(2Wire is the maker of the Uverse hardware) and so I know a few things from the inside. Its called the gateway, and not a router or modem, even though its all that too, because its what brings all the services into the house. The gateway also has a router/firewall/wifi built in. For most people thats fine. But hey, we here are above most people.

The gateway interface is childish, and its supposed to be, but that doesn’t keep the likes of me away. First thing first is to turn the wifi off, its not needed. Second plug in the wireless router(Go from gateway to the Internet port on the router, do not plug into the regular switch ports). No setup required on the router, just make sure its using DHCP(weird that their firewall requires clients to use dhcp). Depending on your particular router, you might have to change the internal IP scheme to not conflict with the IP scheme of the gateway.

From the gateway interface, go to the firewall and place the router into the DMZ(ie no firewall rules, just plain straight access). Its that easy. Then setup your wifi router as you wish and connect and go. Of course if you have any problems, try connecting directly to the gateway to ensure its not your wifi router. If you call up Uverse, they will call you stupid for using some other wifi device then theirs. Have fun.


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