Android: Ranting in the morning

I totatlly blame the red bull I just had for said rant lol It was like the words were just flowing and I couldn’t stop. Anyways over at the wonderful site Phandroid, is a post showing off some benchmark scores on the G2 after it has been overclocked from 800Mhz to 1.3Ghz. Thats sounds nice and all right? Well I didn’t think so and so thus the following rant came tumbling out of my mouth, or keyboard, whatever, and now I feel like sharing. The orginal can be found here.

Meh. 1) Apples vs Oranges with Android 2.1 vs 2.2. 2) While I have no supporting evidence, I have heard linpack is biased towards Qualcomm chips.

But yes benchmarking is a questionable practice compared to day to day use. Besides the Galaxy S cpu is spec’ed at 1gz because they meant it to run at such a speed, while the G2 is downclocked on purpose. I’d have to make the guess the jump in clock speed is inversely proportional to battery life. Thus over clocking the Galaxy S would of course impact battery life, it wouldn’t do so as much as I’m sure it would on the G2 going from 800Mhz to 1.3Ghz.

But just like benchmarking, I’m throwing that all away because it still comes down to software. It will always come down to software as it has to be optimized to hell and back to run the best it can on a particular hardware set. Look at the iPhone, everyone loves it because it seems so snappy. Thats not to say the hardware is just that fast, its because the software has been optimized for it to be that fast. Reminds me of back in the day when it was the norm to rebuild your own kernel for linux to get it running the best it could for your pc.

The A4 chip and the Hummingbird proc are pretty much the same processor, yet UI wise Apple has the upper hand in performance. Its all about perception and only optimizations will get us there.

Everyone talks about wanting stock android, but guess what folks, pure stock android would suck. This is part of why updates take so long(and I highly doubt it has to do with skinning) is that manufacturers have to do work to optimize code for their particular hardware set and their particular drivers for said hardware. Anyone who’s worked with linux for a long enough time would know this.

heh wow ok rant over, thanks red bull.

Yea that was fun.


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