Testing the GPS on the Samsung Vibrant

Its been mentioned that the Samsung Vibrant has some gps issues and I have also heard that Samsung and Tmobile are aware of this and should hopfully put out a fix. When, who knows. People complain about Samsung not pushing updates but when you think about it, how long does it take other phones to get an update? It was my impression that even the Nexus One didn’t just go and poof update the day they released Android 2.2. In fact it took several leaks and a few official updates before they were happy. Talk about quality control people! So dont go boo hoo when an update it taking along time. These companies have been making phone software for a long time and know they need to get it right. Google on the other hand loves the beta tag.

Anyways back to the GPS(sorry for the rant). I tried the fix mentioned where you change the GPS settings and I still couldn’t get it to work. Even did a factory reset and still no go. I did read of this ‘optional’ fix where you delete the gps data and let the phone sit there till it locks on. This I did and yes it worked. One then I remembered in all this was the weird readings I was getting from the GPS Status app. The compass or better yet the magnetometer readings were way off. Basically it was acting like it was on top of a large metal object, which would mess up the compass reading.  After letting the phone sit on the balcony, I was able to get 7 gps sat locks and get a good enough reading. And the magnetometer reading went to something a bit more reasonable.

So its my opinion that due to some either software settings or the coding of the gps itself, the phone isn’t a) using the local network to help get a location fix and b) not cleaning up after itself after failed attempts leading to weird readings.

I’ll have to test the navigation app and see if its able to work now.


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