Further thoughts on the Samsung Vibrant

Or more like I forgot to mention a few more things. The SuperAMOLED in sunlight. Any display in direct sunlight will wash out some, but this thing, when set to max, will shine right on though. Walking to my car under the full Texas sun, I could see what was on the screen rather clearly. Of course this is with the phone at a proper viewing angle.

GPS oh how thee fail. I tried the GPS fix, but can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve played around in the LBSTestMode menu, but no go. I’m not a heavy user of navigation, so no big there. But I am glad to hear that Tmobile and Samsung know of this issue and hopefully we’ll see an update.

I love the Write and Go app, a great way to update both twitter and facebook. Though for some reason the facebook integration isn’t updating, but twitter is workin just fine. I’ve heard some issues with that, but again nothing major.

One rather cool feature, under Settings > Sound and Display is Puzzle Lock. Whats cool about this is if you have any unread messages or missed calls, they will show up as a puzzle piece on a wireframe jigsaw overlaid over the top portion of the lock screen. Swipe the puzzle piece to where it says to go and it will take to directly to where you need to go. Instead of pulling down the notification bar, etc. Very cool, again this only works if you dont have the unlock pattern set. Ok enough for now.


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