Final Thoughts on the Samsung Behold II

Samsung Behold II

The Samsung Behold II, my very first Android device and boy what a ride its been. By this point people should be familiar with the issues this device has had and all the effort put into getting Samsung to acknowledge these issues and do something about it. Before the phone was ever released it was mentioned in a promo video that Android 2.1 would be coming to this phone. Well it never did, we were left with 1.5 for a long while. Only though the hard work of a particular dev were we able to get our hands on a 1.6 pre-release. This ended up becoming the final official update and we have been left behind at 1.6. Though while we Behold II users were left to boil and simmer in our forums, I do feel for our friends with their Cliqs still at 1.5 alot longer then we ever were. Though they do have plans for 2.1.

Anyways back to the actual device itself. For me I love taking photos and my previous phone was a Sony Ericsson K850i which is basicly a camera with a phone built into it. I loved the photos I could take with it and well it was the only phone with a real camera flash. None of these silly LED flashes, a real bulb. But my geek won over and I wanted to join in with the Android crowd. I’ve been with T-mobile since forever and I took close look at what they had, and it wasn’t much. Then I caught word of the Behold II. Great camera and even better camera software. The stock android camera app is well way to basic and stupid. I’ve taken great photos of my friends and our adventures, though video was lacking. But until recently its been lacking in many other phones as well.

Hardware wise this phone was awesome. The real problems comes with the software. Say TouchWiz and most people just go “ugh.” I have to admit that I do like the interface of this phone, just that at times it does lead to some issues, like lag and long development times when it comes to new Android releases. The poor folks with Motoblur can attest to this. After living with this phone for sometime, I have come to the conclusion that this phone really wasn’t meant for geeks like me who ultimately get caught up in the dev/mod game. I really need to stay out of the forums lol.

This phone was ultimately meant for the same demographic who bought the original Behold. Non geeks who simply want a phone that is a little bit better then the rest, but not much so. But thats ok. Like someone with Stockholm Syndrome, I’ve come to love and live with this phone and its quirkiness. The occasional lag, freeze ups, and reboots are things I have come to live with. But that will soon be behind me. Yes I’m again going with another Samsung device, I don’t feel as vindictive as the rest left trollin the forums who have sworn to never get a Samsung device ever again. The Samsung Galaxy S, or the T-mobile version, Vibrant, will be my next phone and I can’t wait.


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